Money Saving Tips


Coupon Catcher is all about saving money through smart couponing. Finding the best coupons will not only help you save money but ultimately find better products at better deals. Smart Couponing is something you learn over time and everyone should ultimate integrate in their shopping habits. There are countless ways to save money whether your shopping online or at the store, finding a good deal requires patience and the ability on where to look. Below are some of the tips our top couponing experts put together. These tips can be applied for online shoppers and in store shoppers. Below are the top 4 money saving tips for your everyday shopping.

  1. Patience – One of the most common mistakes consumers make is rushing their shopping. We stress patience when shopping for a specific product. Deals pop up and discounts change weekly. To help with this, we recommend making a list week before you actually need the product to give yourself ample time finding the best deal out there.
  2. Online and Store Deals – There’s a market online and a market in store. Figuring out which one has the better deal sounds simple but is one of the most forgotten. You should always check online through a quick search to see the price comparison vs in store. This will give you a gauge on the price differences and perhaps get them to price match.
  3. Clearance – Check the clearance section, online or in store. Companies put items that have been dropped or that were put aside for others are vastly discounted prices. You can find items including medicines or clothing for 70-80% cheaper than their normal price. We always check the clearance section before shopping at the rest of the store.
  4. Brand Awareness – One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is brand loyalty. Our experts encourage to try different brands including generic when it comes to certain types. For example, generic brand milk shares many of the same manufacturers as brand names with a different pricing point. Generic or cheaper brands are not always inferior and we encourage you to try them out and judge for yourself.

We definitely hope you utilize these money saving tips in your daily shopping. Coupon Catcher continually updates coupons and promo codes to bring the savings directly to the consumer.