Coupon Tips


Couponing can be a quick and fun way to save money on groceries, food, and much more. The average family can save as much as $1,000 per year by incorporating coupons into their shopping routine. With the cost of groceries and necessities rising every year, more people should be taking advantage of these offers.

Who Offers Coupons

Product manufactures often offer the best deals when it comes to discounts for a particular brand or product. For example, you can find coupons for cereal from General Mills or coupons for detergent from Tide. These discounts serve as an incentive to get more customers to buy or try their products at a lower price.

Another type of coupon comes directly from the store. These may include discounts for specific products or savings on your entire purchase. Stores often have coupons where you can save 20% – 30% with a purchase of a certain dollar amount. For example, stores like Express and Kohl’s often have coupons and deals where you can take $30 off the total price when you spend $100 or more. Restaurants also offer a variety of savings for customers who dine or order at their restaurant.

Where to Find Coupons

Newspapers are generally a good place to start when you start couponing, however, there are many other sources available as well. Coupons are often sent directly to your mailbox daily. Many people normally toss these in the trash not realizing the amount of savings available at their favorite stores and restaurants. Keep an eye out and put the stack of coupon and advertisements aside for when you have time to sort through them next time you get the mail. Another great way to find coupons is to utilize the internet. Coupons sites such as help bring manufacturers, retailers, and consumers together in one convenient location. Just browse through the collection of coupons available online, select ones of your choice, print, and redeem in store.

The internet has also made online shopping more convenient and popular than ever. Many busy people now opt for shopping online rather than in store which is why coupon codes are extremely beneficial. They offer the same savings but in electronic form. These are usually available for purchase at a specific online store. For example, Victoria’s Secret, Toys R Us, or Best Buy will have coupon codes available for free shipping, discount off products, or discount off entire purchases when you shop at their online store. Just enter the code at checkout to see instant savings.

How to Coupon

As mentioned above, online shoppers should never checkout before searching for a coupon code. These savings add up and will save you a tremendous amount of money. For grocery shopping or in store shopping, the best way is to keep an organized coupon book. After you collect coupons from the mail and newspapers, get a coupon binder to keep them in. Organize your coupons by category and expiration date. Every time you go to the store, take your inserts or bring the entire binder with you (if it’s not too big). This is also a good way to remember to use your coupons as many people do forget. Use the soon to expire ones first so they go to waste. Also, some coupons may have restrictions and limitations, such as one per user or family, so make sure to read the fine print before you redeem.